IPMA Competence Baseline - ICB Version 3 (english version)

IPMA Competence Baseline - ICB Version 3 (english version)
IPMA Competence Baseline - ICB Version 3 (english version)
Publisher: IPMA
ISBN: 9780955321306
Format: hardcopy
Publication Date: January 2008
Book Language: English
Price: € 40,00
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The IPMA Competence Baseline (ICB) is the basis for the IPMA 4 Level certification system. It is a standard that is invaluable to practitioners and stakeholders. It sets out the knowledge and experience expected from the managers of projects, programmes and project portfolios.

The ICB contains basic terms, tasks, practices, skills, functions, management processes, methods, techniques and tools that are used in good project management practice and theory, as well as specialist knowledge and experience, where appropriate, of innovative and advanced practices used in more limited situations.

The ICB offers access to the technical, behavioural and contextual competence elements of project management. As an evolving profession, it is critical that project management practitioners have access to up to date information. The ICB Third Edition reflects the culmination of years of hard work by IPMA’s members and includes changes in standards, content and language, along with many updates recommended by practitioners to the ICB revision team.

Publish Year 2008
Language english
Format hardcopy

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